Vocal Piece for the Lucifer’s Angels score Performed by Emilee Carratala

Sunday night we finished recording the vocals for the haunting piece of the score John DelVento wrote.
Emilee has a brilliant voice, especially at such a young age, and we were delighted to bring her on!



John was in studio for the recording session via Facetime through the iPad, and provided Emilee with great direction.

It was a fun and great experience had by all! The power of new technology has certainly helped let us collaborate with other artists, even if they are 100′s of miles away!

Stay tuned for behind the scenes footage of Emilee’s session!

Introducing John DelVento as the newest member of the team

We are pleased to announce the very talented composer,John Delvento to the team. John will be providing an original score and sound design ti the film.

John DelVento is an eclectic composer and music producer based in Hartford, CT who is known for his ambitious combination of classical training with the latest urban music trends. Equally at home in electronic music as he is in the symphony orchestra, John’s high-energy scores finally fulfill the demand for a new, fresh, and innovative trend in music composition. As a film and game composer John has scored the viral Netflix documentary “FagBug” (as well as its upcoming sequel), wrote music for “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” on PBS, collaborated on countless indie films, and is currently producing music for an upcoming video game to be released by Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise. John’s music can also be heard on weekly advertising campaigns for various companies including Nike Air Jordan, Covergirl, and Toyota.


“I found out about ‘Lucifer’s Angels’ through a simple google search and after connecting with the director I knew I had to be a part of the project. My music lends itself very well to this kind of film and I am looking to help make this an awesome film” — John DelVento

Check out more of John’s work here!

That’s a Wrap!


We have finally wrapped principal photography here in East Stroudsburg, Pennysylvania!
It’s been a long and hard two years of shooting, but we have finished and can’t wait to start putting together the film in the editing room!